Client Feedback

From USA Garment Brand Sourcing Company  (30 QCs)

  1. Strengthen QC Operation – Standardized ALL QC Checkpoints, QC E-forms, Defect Codes, and QC Reports, thus reducing internal training effort and minimizing human error !!
  2. Reduce Cost  Increased QC productivity, reduced management costs, reduced IT skill level, reduced communication and printing costs !!
  3. Report AutomationGreatly shorten QC report preparation time from 60 minutes (EXCEL manually input with detailed photos)  to 20 seconds EXCEL Auto-generated) by QC !!
  4. Improve Communication Speed – Data are available from overnight to REAL TIME !!
  5. Reduce Workload for QC Management QC Coordinators saved time on QC scheduling and QC data updates. QC manager saved 1 days per week for preparing management report.
  6. Products QA Analysis Analysis can be done and reported on rejected % for key faulty areas
  7. Vendor Matrix  Factory Performance alaysis has identify factories with good performance, prepare factories for self inspection and provide room to downsize QC team

Major Customers

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