Our Value

  • TARGET CUSTOMERS!  For All Brands, Sourcing Offices, Retailers, Importers, Exporters, Traders & Distributors, Manufacturers, etc.
  • ALL INDUSTRIAL QC! Suitable for Garment & Textile, Footwear, Fabrics, Accessories, Toys, Electrical & Electronic, Metalwares, Plastic Products, Ceramic Products, Wooden Pieces, Beauty & Health Items, Jewelry, etc…
  • DO ONCE QC Job Assignment, Defects & Image Capture and Report Generation can be done in the Tablet at the same time –  Save Time and Cost with no repeated data manipulation !
  • Handy, Cheap and Powerful ! We use Android Tablet which is robust, versatile and user-friendly.
  • Work OFFLINE ! Inspectors can work in offline mode in Tablet, data can be synchronized online to database server when 3G /Wifi is available.
  • Instant Communication! QC Results can be accessed by QC Manager at once in office for quick decision making.
  • Business Domain Interface  We have a special interface layer to your existing ERP without programming, that’s make the App can be suitable for different domain products .