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Designed for QC Process Improvement and Business Intelligence ...

PO AutoSync / QC Job Assign

PO Data are easily auto-sync to App from QC Centre. QC Manager can easily assign, reallocate, approve QC jobs. QC can do QC jobs offline and online on tablets.

QC Data / Defect Images Capture

Follows AQL standard and can auto-calculate sampling sizes. QC can record data in text, images, video clips). QC report can be generated at the same time.

Customized E-form / E-Signature

QC can easily select different customized E-forms for different product categories or clients. QC Reports can be electronically signed by QCs and factories on-site.

Automate QC Reports / Analysis

Automate QC reports preparation and generate KPI management reports such as Product Defect Analysis, Factory Performance, QC Time Allocation …