System Requirement

CloudQCApp© – Android Tablet

  • QC tasks will be created online or downloaded from the QC Centre to Tablets, whenever 3G/Wifi available. All QC tasks for different customers and different product types have already linked to specified E-form Template, Defect Codes, and QC Report Template according to the rules and setting configured in QC Centre.
  • Also, the QC results can be uploaded/submitted back to QC Centre, whenever 3G/Wifi available. Online QC Summary Report can be viewed in Tablet directly and Professional QC Reports can be generated and transferred and emailed through the QC Centre easily.
  • Android Tablet Requirement
    • Android Version 5.0 or above
    • Screen Resolution :1280×800
    • Network : 3G or WiFi
    • Camera with light equipped

QC Centre (Web-based System)

  • The QC Centre helps the QC manager in QC offices to prepare QC Inspection Schedule and assign to corresponding Inspectors.
  • Currently, QC Managers can handle his own individual QC offices and teams. They can review and approve all the QC reports in the QC Centre. High management can also generate QC Analysis reports in the QC Centre.
  • Database Server :
    • Cloud Data Server Hosting (SaaS, provided by Skyblue)
    • Local Data Server Hosting (provided by your company)
      • CPU:Dual-Core
      • Storage:200GB+
      • RAM:16GB+(8GB suggested)
      • Broadband:1Mbps Upload,1Mbps Download
      • Static IP Port:8000
      • Windows Server 2012(64 bit),IIS7,.Net Framework
      • MongoDB 2.5 (